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Management Sales Consultancy Business

We offer a full range of Consultancy Services

Details can be found on our main company page.

Business Consultancy

Management Sales Consultancy Business

Does your Care Sector website fully detail your Services?

As a regulated service it is impaortant it links to assessment ratings and reviews.

Care Sector

Management Sales Consultancy Business


All prices quoted on the website are inclusive of VAT.

For a Standard or Basic website there is an initial upfront fee of £180.00 for the hosting of the website for the first year.  This is a recurring annual fee.

The design and developement is as follows;

Basic Package is fixed at £300.00 and this can be paid in two payments at the end of month 1 and then at the end of month 2.  So this would be £180.00 (hosting fee) before any work starts, £150.00 in 30-days and then £150.00 in 60-days.  Therefore the basic site costs £480.00 inclusive of VAT.

The Standard Package is fixed at £420.00 and this can be paid in a similar way but over 3-months, £180.00 (hosting fee) before any work starts, £150.00 in 30-days, £150.00 in 60-days and £120.00 in 90-days. Therefore the standard site costs £600.00 inclusive of VAT.

We previously agreed three year hosting terms.  As of 2020 we have changed the need to agree to a term other than the initial year, although the hosting fee is subject to an annual increase of £12.00.

Please note all prices quoted on the Website are inclusive of VAT, so if you are VAT registered you will be able to reclaim the VAT.

Monthly and quarterly payments are available over an agreed annual term but these will be subject to a credit check or a financial guarantee.

All invoices will be issued from MSCB Global LImited.









Social  Media  Management

We offer a range of services specifically for care providers.  These include;

  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Twitter 

Please see the full range of services on Social Media Management

Search Engine Optimisation

"We know a man who can!"

The first part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the Website itself.  We optimise the layout and tell Google the site exists.  After this the consideration is localisation and setting links to the website from Blogs, Links and Images which all can have a significant impact on rankings.  

We outsource this link building service so if you want to develop an SEO strategy we can provide a price.

Care Sector Website Locations

We cover the whole of the UK and have clients based in across the UK.  Many of these clients use our business consultancy services also.

Website Design Bolton, Manchester, West Bromwich, Derby, Watford, London, Milton Keynes and Darlington.


We use Joomla as our content management system of choice.  We now offer two packages Basic and Standard.  The Basic package is a single page website and the Standard is up to 6 Main Menu Items and 12 Sub Menus.  Additional Menus will be charged at an agreed fee.  Larger and more complex sites will be subject to a full coast analysis and proposal.

Designs and Services

All of our designs are mobile friendly, so they display (render) to the size of the device.  We can have links to your social media and external websites relevant to your business.

 We have tried to package the Services as Basic and Standard options and these will be sufficient for most requests.  We do provide add on services and these can be discussed with you if you believe that you need some of them.

Within the company we specialise in a wide range of services for businesses and more details can be found at www.mscbb.co.uk

Local Clients Website Design

We are based in Kinross.  We have Web Design clients based in Glenrothes, Cupar, St Andrews, Kinross and Crook of Devon.  With local clients we will typically meet and discuss your requirements to ensure that we fully undertand what you goals and objectives are from the website.