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Management Sales Consultancy Business

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Management Sales Consultancy Business

Does your Care Sector website fully detail your Services?

As a regulated service it is impaortant it links to assessment ratings and reviews.

Care Sector

Management Sales Consultancy Business

All Packages

  • Domain Registration
  • Contact Form
  • Added to Google
  • Emails - Redirecting Domain to Chosen Provider

Basic Package

  • 1 Page Website
  • 2 Royalty Free Images
  • Your Logo Uploaded
  • Fixed Main Image
  • Mini Gallery
  • Free SSL

Standard Package

  • Upto 18 Pages (6 Main:12 Sub Pages)
  • 5 Royalty Free Images
  • Gallery
  • Services Menu
  • Social Media Links
  • Document Downloads


All prices quoted on the website are inclusive of VAT.

For a Standard or Basic website there is an initial upfront fee of £180.00 for the hosting of the website for the first year.  This is a recurring annual fee.

The design and developement is as follows;

Basic Package is fixed at £300.00 and this can be paid in two payments at the end of month 1 and then at the end of month 2.  So this would be £180.00 (hosting fee) before any work starts, £150.00 in 30-days and then £150.00 in 60-days.  Therefore the basic site costs £480.00 inclusive of VAT.

The Standard Package is fixed at £420.00 and this can be paid in a similar way but over 3-months, £180.00 (hosting fee) before any work starts, £150.00 in 30-days, £150.00 in 60-days and £120.00 in 90-days. Therefore the standard site costs £600.00 inclusive of VAT.

We previously agreed three year hosting terms.  As of 2020 we have changed the need to agree to a term other than the initial year, although the hosting fee is subject to an annual increase of £12.00.

Please note all prices quoted on the Website are inclusive of VAT, so if you are VAT registered you will be able to reclaim the VAT.

Monthly and quarterly payments are available over an agreed annual term but these will be subject to a credit check or a financial guarantee.

All invoices will be issued from MSCB Global LImited.









Pricing Examples

What Others Do Not Tell You

Cybercrime is a known and constatnt threat to your business and website.  If your website is hacked it can take days to recover and in many cases it will merits a full redevelopment. This work obviously in terms of recovery or redevelopment is not part of the hosting fee and as such is chargable. 

We do recommend that your business insurance incorporates cover against Cybercrime and Website Hacking to cover these costs and impact associated on loss of business services.



Additional Pages 

As part of the initial design additional pages will be charged at £30.00.

Content Writing

Content writing will be charged at the hourly or day rates, £60 / £300. We can also provide a fixed fee for teh service.  We have extensive knowledge of the Care Sector and can provide engaging text to detail your service.


Blogs are a great way of telling your clients about what you are doing and changes to your service.  We can add a Blog page to your website and write the first content so that it gets you started.  The fee  includes one new blog per month, that you write, added to the site for a year.  The cost is £150.00

Additional Emails

Additional Emails can be added at an annual fee of £12.00 per address. Mailboxes are restricted to 2 GB in size but we strongly recommend that the sizes are managed to under 0.5 GB. The reason for this is the loading time and timely synchronisation of folders.  

Microsoft Setup

When you create your Microsoft365 there is an option to link and associate your domain with the account.  We would need the changes to the DNS records and can make the edits to the domain.  If you go for this option the cost for the Emails is offset against the domain management.

Add Ons

Logo Design 

We use an external designer to develop logos, just like ours. Prices start from £72.00 but we would always contact our partner and ask for a quote.


Backlinks are designed to bring people to your site from other sites and blogs. We can advise what is required and how rankings may be improved. Prices start from £120.00 but we would always contact our partner and ask for a quote.

Social Media Management

Part of your business brand includes not just the website but also your impression on Social Media.  We can offer a service which involves Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Set Up Packages start at £120.00

Monthly Management fees start at £60.00 per month

IT and Email Setup

We can in most cases provide guidance on how to set up your IT and Emails but this is advice only and will depend on your competency in setting things up.  What we can offer though is consultancy to visit site and set things up but this is a chargeable service and includes travel costs.  

If this is a service you are interested in we are happy to discuss costs yet if we are not local seeking local IT support may be a consideration for you.