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Strong Domain Name(s)

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High Quality Backlinks


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Strong Design

Clear Strategy




Search Engine Optimisation

If you are new to the web one of the first things you want is to get your site noticed and obviously increase your business.  If you have a blank cheque you can hand it over we can tick all the boxes and rapidly get your new site to the first page on google. Easy, job done!

Well the reality is that most businesses do not have an unlimited budget and actually there are better ways to grow your web presence for a lot less money and using a combination of tools and techniques.  If someone tells you that it takes time to find your website, weeks and months then they are telling you the truth.  What we offer is the ability to convert the months to weeks and the weeks to days, but it does involve advertising and promoting your business in such away it not only achieves the objective but does not bankrupt you along the way.

Consider, you want to sell 1,000 items through your site a month then consider we need to get 100,000 visitors a month for you to achieve this objective. It also means that your visitors have to get to your site and find what they are looking for, i.e. the site is optimised for the purpose you want to achieve.

How many sites or users already engage with you through social media or advertising?

You planned on doing google adwords but you know there is significant competition so how do you compete for that 1st page listing?

What if one approach is better than another but you have committed all your budget to the underperforming campaign?

The reality is Search Engine Optimisation is a minefield, we will optimise your site based on our design but that is you just getting to the start line, if you can wait a few years to have the site naturally build all its plus points so its ranking is high fantastic.  The reality is that you will probably fall somewhere in the spectrum of spend £1,000's or do nothing and this is why we recommend discussing your needs and advising you on the journey to get there. 

We typically do not quote SEO packages on our website options because we want to get it right, not set unrealistic expectations and finally provide the correct solution for you and the business.  We consider setting expectations though a price starting at £500 will identify keyword searches and create backlinks to the site to improve your rankings over a 12-month period.  So you want to be on the first page of Google?  Our answer would be how big is your budget and who are your competition, lets discuss what is achievable and minimise your spend for the greatest return.

Also, if we have not provided your website we can still have the discussion and advise on some approaches that may suit you best and carry out some of the work.

Please email or phone us to discuss before your throw money away by spending on an area that is not going to benefit the site and ultimately your business.