Which package is best for my business?

Basic Package

If you are a business where it is important that you portray a professional image but most important is the ability for potential customers to find your address, telephone number, email and read about the services you provide then a Basic site is probably right for you. Ideal for local trades, personal websites and start ups that are unsure what the future may hold and cost is a major consideration.

Standard Package

If you want to add more functionality to the site whilst engaging with your visitors with a wide and varied service offering or you are looking to grow the business rapidly then we would recommend the Standard Package.  The other consideration is the link with social media and other routes to market then this would be the right package.  We typically would recommend this package as it is both cost effective and gives the client upgrade options growing the the Enhanced Package.

Enhanced Package

This is the package if you are retailing via the internet, you are looking to grow rapidly and do not want to deliver in phases then this is the right package for your business.

What about adverts for Free Websites?

Think about it, why would it be free?  The company needs to make money and this is typically through unsolicitated advertising or to be quite frank they know that once you sign up you will want to purchase the add ons for your business, e.g. unique domain name, emails, etc.  Then consider your time and effort, are you best placed to develop a website? The final question is the visibility of your website and ultimately the business, what impression do you want to give? We know that we are extremely cost effective and we have learned through other clients that the so called free sites are significantly more expensive!

Do I need a Security Certificate for my Site?

This is identified as https: versus http: at the start of the website address.  If you are processing financial transactions or holding personal information then we would recommend the installation of a certificate.  As a basic site it would not be required.

Why should I have a website and not use Facebook?

We would say use both, setting up a company page on Facebook and linking your social media presence to the website will increase your profile, your business identity and cover the people that do not use Facebook.

Can you get my email set up in 24 hours?

Yes, we can do that as soon as the website domain is registered.

What about the site up and running in 24 hours and does it cost more?

Yes and no, as soon as we have the content for the home page (even if nothing) we can get a site up and running quickly. We quote 24 hours just so we can ensure that it is visible on our internet servers and therefore across the web.  The second part of the question is "no", if you want the site up and running in 24 hours we do not charge extra but we are conscious that the content may not be 100%.  We do ask for an advance payment but this is minimal and as part of the agreement.

Can you set up Email and register my domain but without a website?

Yes, we will agree a small fee in advance.  You can then decide on a website at a later date.  The fee is non refundable.

Can you assist in setting up all my Social Media?


Can you set up referring domains?

Yes.  The domain will be registered and added to direct to the main website.

Can you set up backlinks and what is best; backlinks or a referring domain?

Yes we can.  A backlink is a link to your sit imbedded in an article versus the web address which links directly to your site.  As for which is best they both have a purpose and would recommend a combination of both.  What we would advise against is purchasing backlinks that give a boost to your site in terms of perceived popularity and then they are just dropped.   You must get quality backlinks that are based on relevant articles or blogs.